About me.

Digital Art & Design with a sprinkling of activism

Hi, and welcome to my swanky new website.


I'm Lewis, Digital Painter and Graphic Designer living in the sunny south-west of Cornwall, England.


Whilst I have a rich career history of various designer positions in a variety of companies, I've recently taken my passion for art entirely freelance, pursuing the lifelong dream of being an independent creative in my own space.

My other driving force is using my art as a way to deliver a message to the world of compassion and community. Like many others, I see the social and environmental hurdles we're facing as a species. I hope to use my art, not only to bring attention to these issues but also to help equip others with a way to spread their message further.


Hopefully, this platform will help me connect with other likeminded creatives. If you feel like we might resonate, and fancy collaborating, please get in touch here, or through one of my social media channels below.

If you'd like to support what I do, please consider visiting the shop on the way out.

Many thanks,


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